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Change is always at the essence of our desires. Every new day, we seek to covet something that will make our lives better tomorrow. Be it out of luxury or necessity, we believe everybody benefits from a make-over of a place they inhabit. Its freshness embodies their outlook, infusing their spirits with something new to look forward to. To realise this very feeling is why SPACE Enterprises exists!



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At SPACE, we house the best range of materials & resources needed to redesign the area of your choice! Given below are all the products we have in order to create the magic that we’re known for:


To add sheen, class & strength to any flat surface or wall that will remain beautiful over a large span of time, choose Polymarble! With a gallery of designs & patterns to select from, SPACE Enterprises currently are the only distributors of this revolutionary panel in South Karnataka. Perfectly mimicking the feel & texture of marble or granite tiles, these panels are easy to mould, easy to cut & easy to install, giving you endless possibilities to help you realise & redesign the space that's special to you, thanks to German Technology!

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WPC & IPE Decking

If you ever find yourself wishing to design the flooring of an outdoor area (be it a porch, a sit out or a verandah) to have an aesthetic similar to the deck of a ship, look no further than choosing panels of materials such as WPC or IPE. Being a composite mixture of wood & plastic, it offers the best of two worlds by being rigid, durable & of course having the near-perfect texture of real wood. Drop by SPACE Enterprises to kickstart a conversation on how we can install this deck in your outdoor area!

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Gift a much-needed identity to the walls of your space with our collection of Wallpapers. To successfully live upto the expectations of our clients, we’ve stocked our inventory with high quality wallpapers that can successfully add a breath of life, to any area! Come by our office & choose from a variety of over 2000 designs that are currently available in our catalogue. We'll help you decide what's best for the mood of the area that you're trying to redesign!

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Wooden Flooring

Give a warm, rustic feel to the floorings of your space by retrofitting it with Wooden Floorings. Used in many homes & establishments all over the world for decades, this mode of installation has helped architects & designers to infuse the feeling of Nature inside a space.Available in different forms & textures, bring a new feel factor to your space of choice with this installation!

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Commercial Carpeting

Ever felt like you wanted to walk on air? Commercial Carpeting gives you the closest feeling to it! With a texture that’s meant to infuse your rooms with class & warmth, it can be carefully laid out in certain rooms of your house or throughout the flooring of your office. The positives of carpeting your floor can mainly be to absorb sound, to protect the tiles underneath from wear & tear & lastly to simply lend a touch of style depending on the right pattern for the right space!

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Vertical Gardens

For those of you yearning for an aesthetic of Nature inside your homes, Artificial Vertical Gardens are a wonderful idea to consider. Installed against walls using interlocking panels, it provides a lush feeling of green that mimics real plants in appearance without the high maintenance work needed for upkeep; & graces any area with an exuberance of life. At SPACE Enterprises, we can help you pick lushly panels of artificial flora, pots & installation designs that can be best suited to the space you choose to redecorate.

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Synthetic Flooring

In case you need flooring that's apt for an office or an area of establishment where the footfall is high, do consider our recommendation for Synthetic Flooring. These floorings are easy to clean & maintain, and is specially produced to contend against the day-to-day wear & tear that normal tiles aren't suited to. Rest assured, your place of business will still look & feel fresh after each cycle of maintenance over a long period of time!

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Artificial Grass

Addressing primary environmental concerns of True Grass such as watering, mowing & feeding, the alternative which doesn't require any of that maintenance, is here. Artificial Grass acts like nature's own carpet, mimicking the properties of real grass but lending an easier, inexpensive approach to owning a lawn. Be it in your backyard, a playing field or your own custom in-house garden, the surface which comprises of synthetic fibres benefits from having a longer life span & at the same time offering the comfort of a lush lawn in your special space.

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The next leap towards reimagining
the space of your choice!

Thanks to the marvel of Visual Design, we can now map out & illustrate how magical your special space could be within a matter of hours! All you need to do is upload clearly composed hi-clarity, hi-resolution photos from your mobile phone & give us your contact details. We'll revert by mail with the pictures that have been modified to show the next level of aesthetic that your space deserves. Don't wait, give us a chance to blow you away!


Step 1:

Click on the 'Try It Now' button for a pop-up dialog box to appear. (Fill in your contact details. Our designers will contact you soon.)


Step 2:

Take horizontal pictures (max 4 pics, from different angles with good lighting) of the desired space that you wish to makeover.


Step 3:

Upload the photos & your contact details, so we can get back to you with some visual magic! (Our design team will revert to you on mail soon)

Why us


All Dots,

Our expertise with interior decorating allows us to manage your project completely from start to finish without any hiccups or delays. Using our own workflow, we make sure that a steady stream of work is put into each & every project we undertake, to make sure that we meet your expectations & earn your approval.

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To save time on researching & procuring the best materials needed to finish a project, we already possess a substantial inventory of materials that are the best in the market. Thanks to our efficient team of experts, it's not very hard for us to source it & make it available at your disposal so that your dream space comes to life!

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At SPACE Enterprises, we constantly keep ourselves updated about the latest materials & workings that are being applied in the industry. Since we firmly believe that the client deserves nothing but the best, you'll always find our experts at their 'A'-Game while working on your project. So sit back & let us bear the challenge of transforming your space!

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The gems of our galaxy

We hold every triumph close to our hearts, at SPACE Enterprises. At the core of each win is the satisfaction & happiness of our clients. Here are some of our best works: